Sterrett Props., LLC v. Big-D Signature Corp.

After entering a construction contract with Appellants, Appellee filed a breach of contract and unjust enrichment action against Appellants. Appellants counterclaimed for breach of contract. The Supreme Court (1) affirmed the district court's judgment against Appellants with respect to Appellee's claims under the Prime Contract Change Order (PCCO) Nos. 1 and 2; (2) reversed the district court's order dismissing Appellee's claims relating to PCCO Nos. 3 and 4; and (3) affirmed the district court's dismissal of Appellants' counterclaims. Following remand, the district court (1) granted Appellee's motion to dismiss its remaining claims; and (2) dismissed all counterclaims of Appellants, declaring them to be moot. Appellants appealed, contending that the district court erred in dismissing their counterclaims and denying their request for costs and attorney's fees. The Supreme Court affirmed, holding that they district court did not abuse its discretion by (1) dismissing Appellant's counterclaims, as Appellee's dismissal of its claims rendered any contractual defense to the claims moot; and (2) declining to award costs and attorneys fees to Appellants, as Appellants could not be correctly classified as the prevailing party. View "Sterrett Props., LLC v. Big-D Signature Corp." on Justia Law