Motzko Co. USA, LLC v. A & D Oilfield Dozers, Inc.

Defendant, a contractor, and Plaintiff, a subcontractor, entered into a two subcontracts for part of a road work project. Plaintiff invoiced Defendant for the work under both contracts, but when Defendant failed to pay the full amount, Plaintiff filed suit for breach of contract damages and storage fees for Defendant’s equipment and materials. Defendant counterclaimed, alleging that Plaintiff had been overpaid on the contracts and had converted Defendant’s equipment. Defendant moved to have the matter removed to federal court and filed its counterclaim in that court. The case was subsequently remanded to state court, where Defendant filed its counterclaim. Plaintiff moved for summary judgment, claiming Defendant’s counterclaim was untimely. The district court granted the motion and dismissed the counterclaim. After a bench trial, judgment was entered in favor of Plaintiff. The Supreme Court affirmed, holding (1) Defendant failed to demonstrate any basis to reverse the district court’s dismissal of its counterclaim on summary judgment; (2) alternatively, Defendant’s proposed counterclaim was moot; and (3) Plaintiff was entitled to attorney fees and costs. View "Motzko Co. USA, LLC v. A & D Oilfield Dozers, Inc." on Justia Law