Gee v. State

After a jury trial in 1982, Defendant was found guilty of aggravated robbery and unauthorized use of a vehicle. The Supreme Court affirmed Defendant’s convictions on appeal. Before Defendant began serving his Wyoming sentence, he was released to federal authorities to serve a sentence on unrelated federal charges. In 1988, Defendant was returned to Wyoming to begin serving his Wyoming sentence. In 2013, Defendant filed a petition to correct sentence, arguing, among other things, that his sentence was illegal because he was not given credit for time served in the federal facility and because the sentence was disproportionate to the severity of his crime. The district court denied the motion. The Supreme Court affirmed, holding that Defendant’s claims were barred by the doctrine of res judicata because Defendant had multiple opportunities to assert his current sentencing claims and prosecute appeals related to those claims, and he offered no acceptable justification for his failure to do so. View "Gee v. State" on Justia Law