Landwehr v. State ex rel. Workers’ Safety & Comp. Div.

In 1999, Appellant experienced a workplace injury to her back, for which she received benefits awarded by the Wyoming Workers’ Safety and Compensation Division (“Division”). In 2008, while employed in Nebraska, Appellant suffered a second workplace injury. Appellant filed a worker’s compensation claim in Nebraska relating to her 2008 injury and subsequently settled that claim. In 2010, Appellant sought payment for prescription medication for headaches she was experiencing, claiming that the treatment was related to her 1999 injury. The Division denied benefits, concluding that the treatment and medications were unrelated to the original compensable 1999 injury. After a contested case hearing, the Office of Administrative Hearings upheld the Division’s denial of benefits. The district court affirmed. The Supreme Court affirmed, holding that substantial evidence supported the hearing examiner’s finding that there was no causal connection between Appellant’s headaches and her 1999 workplace injury. View "Landwehr v. State ex rel. Workers’ Safety & Comp. Div. " on Justia Law