Leeks Canyon Ranch, LLC v. Callahan River Ranch, LLC

The Jackson Hole Hereford Ranch was divided by a series of conveyances between entities controlled by a brother (“Brother”) and sister (“Sister”), who disagreed on the validity of language purporting to reserve or convey an easement from Sister’s property across Brother’s property. Brother filed a complaint to quiet title and for injunctive relief, asserting that the requirements for finding an express or implied easement had not been met. Sister counterclaimed, asserting that a valid easement existed. The district court granted summary judgment in favor of Brother, concluding (1) the parties failed sufficiently to describe the easement, and therefore, the express easement was void; and (2) because the parties specifically contemplated an easement but failed to effectuate their intent, implying an easement would be inappropriate. The Supreme Court reversed, holding that that an express easement existed across Brother’s property. View "Leeks Canyon Ranch, LLC v. Callahan River Ranch, LLC" on Justia Law