Legacy Builders, LLC v. Andrews

The Andrews, a married couple, contracted to purchase a newly constructed home from Appellants, Joe Seneshale and his company, Legacy Builders, LLC (together, Legacy). After the Andrews took possession of the property, they discovered that the house had numerous structural and cosmetic flaws. The Andrews filed a complaint against Legacy alleging breach of contract and breach of implied warranty of habitability. The trial court entered judgment in favor of the Andrews and awarded a total of $319,302 in damages. The Supreme Court affirmed but remanded with instructions to correct the damage award, holding (1) when the cost of repairs in a homeowners’ construction case alleging breach of contract and breach of warranty may be disproportionate to the loss in value to the home resulting from the breach, the plaintiff has the burden of proving damages at trial, and the defendant has the burden of challenging the reasonableness or disproportionality of the plaintiff’s method; and (2) the district court did not commit clear error when it relied upon the majority of the Andrews’ cost of repair expert’s testimony and when it found that expansive soils caused damages to the home’s foundation. View "Legacy Builders, LLC v. Andrews" on Justia Law