Star Valley Ranch Ass’n v. Daley

The Star Valley Ranch Association mounted an effort to amend the restrictive covenants governing the Star Valley Ranch subdivision. Appellees, owners of property in the subdivision, challenged the validity of the amended covenants by filing suit in the district court. Specifically, Appellees sought a declaration that the amendments were invalid because the Association had not complied with the previous covenants’ requirements for amendments. Appellees also sought an injunction prohibiting the Association from implementing and enforcing the amended covenants. The district court granted summary judgment for Appellees. The Supreme Court affirmed, holding (1) the district court did not err in holding that the amended covenants were invalid; (2) the Association’s claim of impracticability failed; and (3) Appellees had standing to challenge the amendments as a single, unified set of covenants applicable to the entire subdivision. View "Star Valley Ranch Ass’n v. Daley" on Justia Law