Bratton v. Blenkinsop

Appellant and Appellee were the brother and sister of William Bratton. Appellee was appointed as guardian for William in June 2012. In July 2012, Appellant withdrew $10,000 from a bank account held jointly with Appellee for the benefit of William and transferred the funds to an account held individually by Appellant. Appellant was subsequently ordered to return the funds. Thereafter, Appellee moved to release the funds to a conservatorship account to be administered by Appellee as conservator. The district court ultimately granted the motion. The Supreme Court affirmed, holding that the district court (1) did not err by granting Appellee’s motion to release funds; (2) did not err by vacating the initially scheduled hearing on Appellee’s motion to release funds; and (3) had the authority to rule on the motion to release funds. View "Bratton v. Blenkinsop" on Justia Law