Meyer v. Fanning

P. Richard Meyer executed a last will and testament in 2008, bequeathing all of his property to his fourth wife, Miracles Meyer, and naming her as his personal representative. The will complied with the form for self-proving wills set forth in Wyo. Stat. Ann. 2-6-114. Mr. Meyer died in 2013. When Mrs. Meyer filed a petition to probate the will, Kelly Fanning, Mr. Meyer’s child from a previous marriage, filed a petition to revoke the order admitting the will to probate on the grounds that the witnesses could not recall having seen Mr. Meyer or each other sign the will. The district court granted summary judgment in favor of Fanning, concluding that the will was not a self-proving will and that the will could not be proven. The Supreme Court reversed, holding that the district court erred when it concluded that, in all cases where a will is not self-proving, the proponent must establish that the witnesses signed the will in the presence of each other and in the presence of the testator. Remanded. View "Meyer v. Fanning" on Justia Law