Cheyenne Newspapers, Inc. v. City of Cheyenne

In anticipation of receiving the recommendations of a staffing and compensation study conducted by the City of Cheyenne’s contractor, the City created the Employee Investment Study Implementation Team (EIS Team). The EIS Team was created to consider alternative means of implementing those recommendation. Before the EIS Team met, the Wyoming Tribune-Eagle, a newspaper, filed a petition for a declaratory judgment that the EIS Team must conduct its meetings in public, as required by the Wyoming Public Meetings Act. The district court granted summary judgment for the City, concluding that the EIS Team was not an “agency” as defined by the Act, and therefore, the EIS Team was not subject to the Act’s open meetings requirements. The Supreme Court affirmed, holding that the EIS Team was not subject to the Act because, although it was a committee, it was not created pursuant to Wyoming constitution, statute, or ordinance. View "Cheyenne Newspapers, Inc. v. City of Cheyenne" on Justia Law

Posted in: Civil Rights

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